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Countries > Laos > Savannakhet > Eating and Drinking

Countries > Laos > Savannakhet

Savannakhet - Eating and Drinking

Two local noodle dishes worth seeking out are baw bun (Vietnamese rice noodles served with chopped-up spring rolls and beef) and ap-jao (a Chinese dish loaded with stir-fried veggies and slices of beef, served in a tangy sauce). Savannakhet's fruit shakes are in a class of their own, and can be found throughout the city - look for the blenders. In the evening, shops selling soft drinks and a few tam māk hung vendors crop up on the riverbank in front of Wat Sainyaphum, a pleasant spot to catch the sunset over Thailand and mingle with the locals.

Baw Bun, fourth shop-house from the river, behind Santyphab Hotel. If it's baw bun you're after, this is the place. It's open daily 11.30am-2pm, but often sells out sooner.

Han Ahan Lao-Paris, Tha He Road, near the Immigration Office. Travellers flock to this riverfront shop-house, whose Vietnamese owners serve "Lao-French Food" ranging from spaghetti and steak to Korean BBQ and sukiyaki, as well as a superb Lao beef salad.

Mekong Riverside, north of Immigration Office on Tha He Road. Tables on a wooden terrace supply an excellent sunset view to season mediocre Thai-Lao dishes.

Peuksin, south of the church on Phetsalat Road. The superior ice coffees and a basic breakfast are a treat in this shop-house, frequented by Vietnamese men, who gather to enjoy boules and the Vietnamese board game co thoung. Mi kati, noodles in coconut milk, is served 11am-4pm.

Savanhthy Food Garden, in the town square. Collection of stalls hawking tasty Chinese and Lao noodle dishes and a few average rice dishes. The house speciality is ap-jao, and the tasty mi haeng - yellow noodles - comes fried with red pork, green onions and peanuts.

Sensabay, next to Santyphab guesthouse. Popular backpacker joint sporting menus in both English and Japanese. Cheap fried noodle and rice dishes, spring rolls and ice cream.