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Boston Hotels

Boston Hotels

RING! Boston is so steeped in historical attractions that wake up calls at Boston Hotels are known to transport guests into an American history picture book. Known as the birthplace of the American Revolution, Boston architecture gives guests pre-revolutionary flashbacks, but as a modern East Coast city, it teems with the latest in nightlife and shopping. Step outside Boston Hotels and you might just find yourself dancing on 300-year old cobblestone streets to House music.

Because it's a compact city, most Boston hotels give you quick access to most of the city's attractions. Take the Freedom Trail for the absolute best introduction to Boston history. Wear walking shoes and ask your hotel concierge for directions to the trailhead. The Freedom Trail leads you on a 2.5-mile self-guided walking tour that weaves you through 16 of the areas most notable historical attractions. Most hotels in Boston proper leave you within a short walk or cab ride of the trail. If you love to shop, look into hotels near Boston's Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market where you can eat, sip espresso, and watch street performers. Night owls will want to check into Boston hotels as near to the North End as possible. That's where you'll find much of the nightlife from old pubs to high-tech nightclubs.

The Boston Marriot is one hotel that attracts families for its proximity to the waterfront attractions and the Boston Aquarium. The hotel also draws business travelers because of it's positioning near the financial district. As we said, Boston is fairly compact, so wherever your hotel, you can look forward to being a short hop from where you want to be.

Whether you're making a quick stop in Bean Town to close a fourth quarter business deal or you're looking to Boston as a getaway, HotelNear puts you within striking distance of the Boston you want to see. The historical attractions, the financial district, museums, or clubs and pubs, HotelNear is there. Are you coming? Book now.

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