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Disney Hotels

Disney Hotels

For Disneyland hotels visit Disneyland

For Disney World hotels visit Disney World

If you're not sure whether you want Disneyland hotels or Walt Disney World hotels then read on and let Hotel Near guide you to the Kingdom of your choice.

Disney hotels put millions of families at the castle steps of one of the world's only magic kingdoms. Well, one of four Magic Kingdoms. If you want Disney hotels now you have to think "which Disney? Land? World? What Continent?" Disney hotels can be found not only at Disneyland, California and Walt Disney World, Florida, but today guests can check into hotels near Disneyland, Paris and Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. With these great parks covering the globe it is indeed a Disney planet. Just in case you still picture Disney simply as a park with a magic castle, some rides, and a few cartoon characters, Hotel Near will clue you in to some of the latest big Disney fun. When you find out how much there really is to do at Disneyland and Disney World you might try to book a hotel room in Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Okay - Hotel Near will get you close to Disney, but to get a room there you'll have to talk to the Seven Dwarves.

Most Anaheim hotels make great Disney hotels, putting guests just blocks from the original Disneyland. Remember it's not just a theme park, inside Disneyland you'll find eight lands including: Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Mickey's Toontown, Adventureland, Frontierland, New Orleans Square, Critter Country and Main Steet, USA. To get the best spots for the famous Disney parades, be sure to leave your hotel with plenty of time to spare. You'll get the best vantage of you favorite Disney characters if you arrive at the parade path half an hour early.

For Disney World hotels, you'll be heading to just outside Orlando, Florida. You can still expect those marquee Disneyland rides at the Florida resort too, but that's only the beginning. You will want a hotel as near as possible to this mega Disney resort. Hotel Near guests have said that Disney World is no doubt "mega fun," but "mega fun" also means "mega tired." The closer your hotel is to Disney World the closer you'll be to the fun and the closer you'll be to much-needed rest. Disney World lays claim to 47 square miles, showcasing four theme parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney MGM Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. Hold on. If you're hot, slide into one of two water parks or swing away for six days at six different golf courses. If you lose your way, just ask one of Disney World's 54,000 employees including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and the gang. With all the entertainment and geography, Walt Disney World could no doubt be the happiest place on earth and also the most grueling Eco Challenge race in the world. Ready the kids, lace up your boots, grab some water, and book your hotel near Disney World today.

Caught your breath? How's your Japanese? Ready to book your Tokyo Disneyland hotel? L'hotel Disneyland Paris? Just kidding. For now let's just start with Disney hotels in America. For more details on the all the Disney Theme parks: