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Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels

The first Hilton Hotel was constructed in Dallas. From that date in 1925 Hilton spawned hundreds of hotels at and incredibly rapid rate. In 1943 Hilton became the first hotel to provide service across the nation. In 1949 Hilton hotels started to emerge internationally. Even with unsurpassed hotel growth, Hilton never let their size or global reach come at the expense of providing the great service the hotel chain is known for. As one Hilton's marquee properties, New York's Waldorf Astoria confirms Hilton reputation as one of the leaders in fine hospitality worldwide.

Hilton's mobile reservation system makes it easy to businesses on the road. The system gives registered uses the ability to book their hotel rooms on the fly through their Internet read PAL handheld units. Most major metropolitan Hilton's provide high-speed Internet access and that give guests the space and tools they need to connect to contacts throughout the world. Too make in-person meeting more convenient it is not uncommon to find a restaurant on the property. For Hilton, hospitality goes beyond simple amenities. Hilton will not only help you connect to the major players while you're on the road but often Hilton hotels will put you right next to major players. Such is the case with the Hilton New Brunswick, which is located with miles of many Fortune 500 companies. Take that location coupled with a to meeting rooms over 10,000 square feet and you're in business.

For leisure, you'll be able to count on the Hilton standard of excellence from U.S. coast to coast and many islands and countries throughout the world. Whether your first trip New York City or first adventure to South America you can rest easy knowing that you've booked a room at Hilton Hotel or resort. And if slow is the pace you're looking for then look into many Hilton's beachfront island properties or a tennis, or golf and spa. No matter what you vacation in mind chances are you'll find a Hilton where you're going with the accommodations to satisfy your tastes.

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