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Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas hotels offer everything under the Nevada sun. Under the sun period. No matter who you are, where you're from, or what your tastes are, Las Vegas definitely has a hotel with all the luxury you can imagine or the efficiency and value you need. Las Vegas hotels distinguish themselves in that they deliver a world of services and attractions under one roof. With so much going on in the hotels it's difficult to know exactly what amenities you want until you know what you can get, and in Vegas you can get a lot.

Las Vegas hotels are famous for their sprawling casinos that offer every game from nickel slots to baccarat. Casinos are only one facet of most Las Vegas hotels. The major hotels bring you critically acclaimed Broadway shows, mystical circuses, and legendary singers. You'll also find 5-star restaurants, nightclubs, entire shopping malls, spas, sundecks, pools, and even theme parks. With all those options and much more, it's clear that Vegas hotels aren't just places to stay, they're places to experience.

If you want even more from your Vegas vacation you'll find that the Sheraton Desert Inn, the JW Marriot, and the Las Vegas Hilton all unquestionably extend the definition of "hotel," to "hotel/resort." All three hotels not only include their own casinos, spas, and restaurants but each has its' own 18 hole golf course. If you're determined to play PGA courses then the Sheraton Desert Inn course meets your requirements. If you want luxury service and casino action away from the strip then the solitude of the Marriot is your call. For tennis and legendary entertainment like the Smothers Brother and Sheena Easton, check into the Las Vegas Hilton.

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