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Los Angeles Hotels

Los Angeles Hotels

Los Angeles hotels access a wider range of activities and attractions than any other city in the country. Los Angeles hotels can put you within ten minutes of the beach, a few miles from the downtown business district, and within blocks of Hollywood movie studios and renowned museums. If your hotel doesn't play host to one of Los Angeles' hottest night clubs then you're sure be within steps of some the renowned nightlife of the Sunset Strip. Still think that's not enough activities to choose from in one city? What if we tell you that an hour and a half drive takes you from your beachside hotel to some serious skiing and hiking up to 10,000 feet?

If you're a business traveler the hotels in downtown Los Angeles get you near the convention center and financial district. From Santa Monica and Malibu hotels beachcombers stroll out to the sand and surfers dart into the ocean. If you're looking to tour a movie studio, the Getty Center Museum, or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, hotels in the center of Hollywood offer quick access. If you're coming to Los Angeles to for the club scene then hotels near or on the Sunset Strip put you on the pulse of nightlife. If you want to be near Los Angeles attractions like Disneyland or Universal Studios most Los Angeles hotels are within 40 minutes of either park. If you're a surfer and a snowboarder, look west from almost any Los Angeles hotel room and you'll see the peaks of the San Bernardino Mountain Range often snowcapped from November to May. The stories are true, stay at any of the Los Angeles area hotels and you can snowboard in the morning and surf in the afternoon.

Los Angeles does sprawl out, so strategically booking your hotel based on location can be more important than in other cities. But suppose you want your trip to give a broad cross-section of everything in Los Angeles? Where would you stay? One good choice would be the Double Tree Hotel in Westwood. There is no such thing as a perfectly central Los Angeles hotel but the Double Tree is close. Essentially across the street from Beverly Hills, you'll find a hotel with Beverly Hills amenities in a quiet neighborhood. From here you can jaunt quickly to the beach, Hollywood, downtown or jump on the nearby 405 freeway and your on your way south to San Diego, or north to the attractions in the valley.

It's tough to think of anything you can't do in Los Angeles. Once you make your L.A. "to-do" list, book your Hotel Near accommodations and we'll get you so close to the things you want to see in Los Angeles that you can skip the drive and just do!

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