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New York Hotels

New York Hotels

The entire world meets in New York City. New York City hotels have the advantage of being at the intersection of the world. Whether you're looking for a hotel near one of New York's famous monuments, around the corner from New York's legendary nightlife, or steps away from one of New York's historic neighborhoods, New York City hotels will put you near the things you want to see or the people you need to do business with. Manhattan. It's the home of Wall Street, Times Square, The New York Times, Madison Avenue, Broadway and some of the most famous hotels in the world. It's the Big Apple! Let HotelNear get you poised and comfortable so you can get the most fun and value out of your New York stay.

If you're looking for New York hotels with great locations all you need to do is book a hotel in New York City. Sound like riddle? It's not. Even though you think of New York as such a "big" city, almost everything is within walking distance, so almost no matter where you want to be---There you are! So even if you're not staying exactly in mid-town, chances are you're still only a half- hour walk or five minute train ride from all the Broadway shows, Central Park, the Empire State Building, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Of course if you want be closer to all those attractions there are dozens of mid-town hotels that'll put you virtually above them. But say you're in town for the legendary nightlife. If you're in New York City you are near the nightlife. The same west mid-town hotels that put you ten minutes walking from Central Park will put you ten minutes from a handful of New York's major nightclubs like Sound Factory, Exit and Roxy. For a full listing of New York nightclubs, pick up a copy of "Time Out" magazine at any New York newsstand.

If you think you can't afford hotels in New York City, whether uptown, downtown, or mid-town hotels, or even a mattress on a Hudson River pier - think again. The Double Tree Hotel at Times Square, and around the corner from most Broadway shows, offers two-room suites suitable for a family of four with microwaves and Sony PlayStations for less than many regular hotel rooms across the city. Check with HotelNear in advance for seasonal rate changes. On the other hand, if money is no object you may want to check in at one of Hilton's marquee hotels, better known as a New York historic landmark, The Waldorf=Astoria.

The Big Apple might sound like a big city with big prices but any way you slice it HotelNear will bring you closer to the New York City attractions and nightlife that you want at a big value. Book today.