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San Diego Hotels

San Diego Hotels

A Hotel Riddle: Which of San Diego's most popular attractions can be found exactly one-step outside of all San Diego Hotels?

Is it the relaxed metropolitan walking city at the doorstep to downtown San Diego hotels? Or is it the area's 90 plus golf courses that lie within putting distance of dozens of hotels? Good guess - but not quite. Is it the world famous San Diego Zoo and Sea World? Nope. Then what famous attraction can be found just a breath away from every single San Diego hotel? The Weather! It's true; San Diego has one of the most consistent and enjoyable climates in the world. Even still, at HotelNear we figure you'll want to talk about more than just the weather when you get home so here are a few things to know before booking your San Diego hotel accommodations.

Downtown makes for great walking, shopping, and fine dining. If you like exploring cities, a hotel downtown gives you a hearty slice of cosmopolitan life San Diego style. From downtown, you're only a short trip to most area attractions. However, hotels near Balboa Park or Hillcrest leave animal lovers just a few minutes from the San Diego Zoo. Hotels in Carlsbad make great accommodations for kids and parents. From Carlsbad hotels, kids have close access to Lego Land, while parents can tee off at renowned golf courses or relax in spa heaven at the world famous La Costa Resort and Spa. If you want proximity to beaches and Sea World then you should consider the Mission Bay area hotels. If you can't find at least two activities or attractions in the outlying regions then your best bet is to book at downtown San Diego's centrally located hotels.

The Radisson Hotel Harbor View One, among other downtown hotels provides guests with prime access to town and harbor's edge walking paths. The 22-story hotel presents guests with postcard views of downtown and the San Diego Harbor. Guests need only stroll out to some of the city's best dining, clubs, and shopping. Oh, and did we mention 24-hour access to that fabulous San Diego weather?

With San Diego's average daily temperature of 70.5 HotelNear could almost guarantee the weather for your vacation, but we won't. It's just not our business. Instead we'll guarantee you the best value on hotel accommodations near your favorite San Diego activities and attractions, so book your San Diego hotel at