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Seattle Hotels

Seattle Hotels

Seattle hotels give visitors access to a cosmopolitan fusion of seaport life and outdoor pursuits. When you gaze out most hotel windows, you'll see the Seattle cityscape as a garden of skyscrapers and hotels growing between the misty Puget Sound and the base of the massive, snow-capped Mt. Rainer. Even if your business dictates a "dry-clean only" wardrobe and that you stay at upscale Seattle hotels, you'll still definitely want to have your best sneakers and a backpack ready. Seattle's geographical location makes the city ripe with natural attractions. HotelNear's other Seattle visitors have discovered a few Seattleite tricks to help you get into the city's Northwestern goods and activities no matter where your hotel is. Check them out, and then check in!

Before you even receive your Seattle hotel room key, get a map and or directions to the waterfront and Pike Place Market. It does rain in Seattle but that's part of the fun. Here's a handy HotelNear checklist for Seattle visitors to review before leaving hotels for the streets: Walking shoes? Rain Slicker? If you've got both you'll have a great day no matter what the weather. You'll know you're on the right track when you see people bustling by your hotel wearing backpacks and fleece jackets. They may look like mountaineers but these are Seattleites, dressed for a sudden ice climb, or an iced lobster buffet at a waterfront seafood house.

Before you hit the streets fuel up at your hotel café for a coffee. If there's no café in your hotel have no fear, Seattleites drink lots of coffee and you'll find great coffee shops on every corner. Pike Place Market and the waterfront are Seattle's biggest attractions in part because they define the Seattle experience. Here you are, in a city, standing at the portal to the freshest products of the earth: Glistening fish pulled from the sound, fresh produce, meats, and handmade crafts mesmerize you. Most standard Seattle hotels don't have in-room kitchens so chances are that you'll have no place to cook all this great fare. No worries, you can still enjoy the catch of the day at a variety of Market restaurants that cook up cuisines from around the world. A day at Pike Place Market exhausts even the most vigorous HotelNear guests. If you're out of breath, you've got to options: Hit the hotel for a quick nap or refuel with a triple espresso so you can explore the waterfront then hop on a ferry for relaxing views of the city from the Puget Sound.

If you've got weak sea legs, you don't have to go back to the hotel. You can rest as Seattle's monorail glides along until depositing you conveniently at Seattle Center. Here you'll be happy to find the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project. Downstairs at EMP you can find rare music exhibits but be sure to hurry upstairs where you can crank out sounds or tunes on the musical instruments in the sound lab. Don't get to attached to that electric guitar. Most Seattle hotels might allow singing in the shower but HotelNear doesn't know of any hotels that allow garage band jams in your room.

No matter where your favorite Seattle hotels are, you'll want to walk around to pick up that Northwest essence. To be close to it all, the Westin Seattle puts you at an exceptional central location. From here guests can roll out of bed and be steps away from the Washington State Convention Center, Pike Place Market, and much more. If it's raining, the hotel provides excellent vantages of Seattle and the Puget Sound. Oh, and did we mention that Westin hotel rooms include a coffee maker and Starbucks coffee?

Seattle attractions are as wide the Puget Sound and as tall as the Cascade Mountains. We'd have to make a Discovery Channel series called "Seattle: From Sea to Sky" to show you everything you can do from your Seattle hotel. In short, Seattle's landscape makes it a metropolitan playground that awes photographers, challenges extreme outdoor athletes and offers distinctive cuisine. A hotel near Seattle puts it all at your doorstep. Go to Seattle. If it rains, don't worry, any hotel concierge will tell you, "It's only water."

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